the modern day woman



She is a woman of many talents and identities. She ignites her passions, follows her dreams and is not afraid to step outside her comfort zone. She uses her vulnerability as a strength and harnesses the need for human connection to empower the lives of those around her.

The Modern Day Woman is a new stereotype.

Her purpose is not to find her passions but to find the balance between them. Join our Movement to inspire other women to follow in your footsteps and together we can change the world…


The focus of The Movement for 2019 is to provide a safe space for women to share and connect, thus empowering each other to then go out into the wider community and affect social change and inspire other women to do the same.

The Modern Day Woman X Quay Hotel Perth

The topic of the session… Mental Health

WE RISE BY LIFTING OTHERS. Our purpose when we started, our purpose ever since. Topic of this month’s Mastermind: Mental Health, a pressing topic in today’s world. We came together as a group of high functioning women to share vulnerabilities and our own personal challenges with maintaining a healthy mind. A common thread from the day, was mental health affects us all, even in a small way no one is immune. What’s the remedy? Practice gratitude, show kindness, look for sunshine amongst the clouds but most of all feel LOVE ❤️ as cliche as it sounds love is the remedy for all things, love for yourself, love for those around you and love for the world itself. We are blessed to be given this gift of life and with love we can conquer all ✨ Thank you to our partners on the day who made this magic happen: The incredible venue, food & styling, Quay Perth Hotel, Kinn & Co, Identity Perth, Enchanted Petals and Harlow Willow. Our beautiful gift boxes by Bare & Wilde and our most important guest on the day who touched the lives of so many, Julian Pace, Founder, Happiness Co.

The Modern Day Woman X Palace Platinum Cinemas

The topic of the session... Self-Doubt

The topic of our recent Mastermind Event with members of The Modern Day Woman Movement. We delved deep into our topic as the women watched presentations in the Palace Platinum private theatres from inspiring women such as Belinda Teh, who recently walked for 70 days from Melbourne to Perth to change a law, ending her 30 million step journey on the steps of parliament house earlier this month. Registered Psychologist Domenica Vehcchio took our members through a guided meditation and self-awareness exercises to explore our own areas of self-doubt with practical take homes to overcome and embrace self-doubt. A delicious breakfast was provided by Cocolat and guests were treated to a bag of goodies to take home by our friends at Bare and Wilde. Thank you to all those who came and participated in the morning of mental, social and soulful development. 

The Modern Day Woman X Perth Centre for Photography

The topic of the session... Longevity

How do we really achieve it? 

For our latest MasterMind Event topic we partnered with Perth Centre for Photography, Bethanie WA, Perth Style Co, Aperol Spritz and Ginger Pear Graze to deliver another soul nourishing event on a topic we all need to master - Longevity. We looked for subject matter experts and who better to ask but these wonderful ladies “Our Life Experts” Alberta 94 years of age and Alexis 87 years of age

What were their secrets? 

Alexis 87, opened with “I’m a busy lady” She’s about to become a great grandmother and attributes her longevity to being surrounded by love, gratitude for her beautiful family and all the beauty around her in nature. Alberta 94, ‘aka Bertie’ attributes her longevity to her sense of purpose through her lifetime support of Salvation Army her gratitude of the life her parents gave her and the years of riding around on her bicycle as ‘keeping fit’ was always important to her. These women are inspirations and true Modern Day Woman, they’re passionate, resilient, honest and grateful 

The Modern Day Woman X Linneys

The topic of the session... Vulnerability

When you allow yourself to be vulnerable, you show your authentic self and only then can you truly connect with others. Connection is what gives us purpose, a sense of belonging and brings meaning to life. This session had the 'Meet Our Modern Day Women' movement share their moments of vulnerability and through this form new bonds and relationships. An uplifting and encouraging evening! A huge thank you to Linneys Jewellery and Graze Catering Perth for hosting the event.

The Modern Day Woman X Crown Towers

The inaugural Mastermind Session for members of the Modern Day Women Movement hosted by Crown Towers. Self awareness and self care are paramount to the success of any Entrepreneur or Business Woman.

The topic of the session… Entrepreneurship

What does entrepreneurship mean to you? What is the ‘Modern Day’ definition of an Entrepreneur? These were some of the questions raise by movements members in the brainstorming session. The feeling from our members was true Entrepreneurship is all encompassing and stretches beyond financial reward or status in a business sense. There can be Entrepreneurial spirit in something as simple as creating a beautiful meal, or influencing social change through commitment, drive and attitude. Thank you ladies for being examples that anything is possible when you lead from the heart and follow your passions.