the modern day woman


The Modern Day Woman is a movement founded by Jennifer McMahon an accomplished Perth business woman who is passionate about women’s empowerment. As a Speaker, Event Organiser and Series Writer, Jennifer aims to introduce the ‘Modern Day Woman TM’ as a new stereotype, one of many talents, passions and business pursuits. Through these platforms Jennifer empowers women to own their identities, and rather than looking to choose one to even two paths make their life’s journey about finding the balance managing multiple. Join our movement to redefine the traditional stereotypes and create multiple business opportunities, multiple creative pursuits and live a full and exciting life where there are no boundaries.

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Who is she?   An insight into The Modern Day Woman

After speaking to many women right across all different walks of life (I'm talking the odd stranger, colleague, friend, family member or even women I bump into at conferences, meetings and social events), there's one recurring conversation that I keep having. That conversation is trying to define our identity and it often starts with, 'what do you do for a living?' or a similar question around that. Answers have varied, but one thread was consistent, their answers were reserved, almost as if they were holding back their real feelings.


This got me really thinking about my purpose with creating The Modern Day Woman.


An experience which really resonated with me was meeting a gorgeous client through my corporate HR business; she is a commercial lawyer by day, a practising yogi at night and has started a creative business selling wellness packages in her “spare time”. It was evident to me that she was probably wondering what I was thinking, was I devaluing her as a 'true' business woman when she'd just shared the passions she has in other areas. The issue here? Society loves stereotypes. All of her career she's fallen into a stereotype of what a professional lawyer should be and what their ‘persona’ should be like. A successful and revered career woman could not possibly be respected in a boardroom and be passionate about wellness or yoga let alone be creative and inspired enough to start a giftware business. It just doesn't make sense. And, as I said,  she was probably thinking I'd  be judging her authenticity in her passions as a lawyer and whether she's taking her career seriously. Who's to say having multiple identities doesn't make sense, though? 


I say EMBRACE it. 


Creating The Modern Day Woman is my opportunity to bond with other everyday women who believe in what I'm saying here... be your authentic self and embrace all those identities you are because if your intention is pure then who's to say you can't own them all and pursue absolutely anything in your path? You can. 


I've touched on it in the 'About Jen' tab on my page, but I've struggled for many years fitting into one single stereotype. From successes in many different careers and growing businesses, I ended up just introducing myself as Jen, the business woman who has a digital influencing platform, loves fashion and creates grazing tables on the weekends. Well….. maybe I don't say exactly that but it's truly who I am and I love everything that I do, am passionate about and driven by them all and am on a mission to inspire others so that they can be the same. 


So, join me on this journey of allowing ourselves to be all the 'you' you want to be - be a climate change ambassador, a fashion designer, a horticulturist, an animal lover. Be whatever you want and let's encourage each other along the way because, after all, this is 2017 and this is The Modern Day Woman.